• “Sally Aldrin encompasses all that one looks for when searching for that perfect Yoga experience. I really don't know where to begin. Sally has the warmest spirit, she is like a ray of sun and you just feel better being in her presence. She is a great instructor in addition to her radiating spirit. I learned a lot about how to improve my form by taking her special workshops. The music she plays is perfect, PERFECT....this may seem insignificant but it really can set the tone for the feeling you have or try not to have. It is neutral but inspiring, and not distracting. I will have to work hard to continue to hear Sally's words of wisdom in my head. She is so wise, I hear myself repeating her words to friends, my children, my husband, and most importantly myself. Sally is a very special person and I have been deeply blessed to learn from her and soak up her beauty and all that that entails.”  
    - Molly Altaha - Maui Cancer Center
  • "I was lucky enough to have the privilege of having Sally work one on one with me as a yoga novice. I was a little intimidated to join a local class which seemed to be filled with advanced practitioners, so this made me more comfortable. Before our first private session, I told Sally I wanted to get my practice strong enough so I could attend intermediate group classes, which at the time, due to my lack of flexibility and knowledge of yoga, felt impossible.  Sally didn't doubt my ability for a second and within just a few short weeks, Sally turned my non-existent yoga practice into a solid foundation that will last me a lifetime.  I now attend group classes on a regular basis with no problems following. Last class the instructor even commented on my good form after class!"
    - Johnny Kahakaloha - Owner and Founder of Deep Elm Records
  • "I met Sally at the second yoga class I attended at Mangala Yoga. I had been doing some yoga mostly on my own or an occasional group class for about 35 years. I have scoliosis and most of my spine is fused with a Harrington rod in place. Meeting Sally was the best thing to happen to me as a yoga student. She is intuitive and gifted at teaching in a way that really helps you reach your  personal goals. I started going to yoga 4-5 times a week and continue to do so more than a year later. I feel the best I have in years and my back never gives me any problems. Sally makes yoga fun, and in the case of her Yoga Sculpt class - the best all around work out I have ever found!"
    - Sally Irwin - Professor at University of Hawaii - Maui Campus
  • “Sally's classes are some of the most well-rounded yoga classes I have ever taken in all my 12+ years of practicing. No matter which style class I took of hers, I left feeling strong, centered, & rejuvenated. Sally has mastered the art of guiding classes that encourages you to push yourself to greater strengths yet with ease & grace. In addition to her beautiful flows, her gentle & authentic voice led me back to her classes, time and time again! Sally is such an incredible, loving soul that radiates her passion for life & yoga both on and off the mat!"  
    - Kristen Martinek - Owner and Founder of Enjoy This Organic Life
  • "Dear Sally,
     You are a fantastic teacher and your classes made me feel so high all day afterwards!  I looked forward to your class every week.
     The first few times I came to your classes I was very heart broken and sad. I had just gone through a painful break-up. I am not sure if you noticed that I cried through your whole first class and throughout your second class as well. But your classes brought so much healing to me and your words of wisdom helped me so much. How do you have so much wisdom at such a young age?
     I am sure that is why I am so emotional about you leaving. But I am feeling a thousand times better and know that I will survive and THRIVE. Thanks in part to you and the role you played in my healing. I am glad others will experience your healing energy, words of wisdom and fantastic yoga classes and I wish you the VERY BEST.
     Thank you again."
    - Anonymous -
  • "Sally's yoga classes are enjoyable, challenging and addicting! I love starting my mornings with her hot yoga classes before work.  She is very motivating and skilled at what she does, yet compassionate and present. I love that she takes the time to learn from a variety of trainings and shares valuable tools consistently. It is obvious she's meant to be a yoga teacher!"
    - Jessica Murby - Occupational Therapist
  • "Sally Aldrin makes yoga a positive, comforting and welcoming experience.  She is able to get the most out of everyone in class, novice to advance.  Her classes are fun yet challenging.  You will always look forward to her teaching."
    - Steve Cutillo - Maui, HI
  • “It was a great honor to be in Sally's yoga classes. She is exceptional. In every accept of Sally's class she is a inspiration and challenges each and every one of her students. This pertains to beginners and the more advanced. Maui will truly miss her spirit and look forward to more classes in the future.”  
    - Reba Dodge - Maui Retreat Center Owner
  • “I invited Sally to teach the opening and closing yoga series at a community ecstatic dance event that I organize called Dance Church Maui. She guided a room full of 200 people through a flow yoga series, helping them to ground into their bodies as we all prepared to dance together. Two hours later at the end of the event, she brought the energy back to our heart centers using breathing exercises, stretching and mantra. Her narration was well prepared, powerful, and delivered with loving kindness. She was such a big success that we asked her to come back for a second Dance Church event, which she rocked as well.”
    - Mikaya Swabb - Founder of Dance Church Maui & Web Developer at Pacific Whale Foundation
  • "Sally’s yoga classes have helped me tremendously with my everyday life.  I would recommend her classes to anyone who wants to better their life!"
    - Shone Sempell - Owner of Maui Longboards
  • "I’ve had the pleasure to take many of Sally's classes and each time I leave with a sense of deep fulfillment and a singing heart!  Sally is gifted with the way she can weave creative expression in her flow. She gracefully challenges her students to step out of their comfort zone and meet their greater potential. I highly recommend stepping onto your magic carpet with her, you will meet part of yourself you did not know were so powerful before!"
    - Naïma - Holistic Art Consultant and Practitioner - Maui, HI
  • "Sally’s yoga classes are the perfect combination of challenge and fun.  Sally has a gifted way of inspiring you to do your best and raise your practice to a new level.  I always looked forward to attending her Hot Yoga Sculpt classes.  They left me with a yoga glow that would last half the day."
    - Dianne Markham - Rochester, NY
  • “I adore Sally and her wonderful yoga sessions.  She leads amazingly positive and motivational yoga classes that leave me centered and ready to take on the day.”
    - Mary Bailey - Owner & Founder of Tasty Pie Productions
  • “You are the truth and spirit of yoga.  Demonstrating the light and positive movement, wisdom and teaching of the breath, as you do, is so important to the yoga practice.  Your love and passion for life and letting go of that which does not serve you is why your classes are always so full of good healing and blissful mana.  You by far are one of the most wonderful and connected yoga teachers I have ever witnessed and I thank you for all that you offer in this world: truthfulness, compassion, importance of the breath, and inner peace.  Namaste.  Love always, Ariana Brown”
    - Ariana Brown - Maui, HI