Mana Yoga Flow

What is mana?  In Hawaii, mana is a form a form of spiritual energy that exists in people, places and objects.  Come feel the mana by experiencing Sally’s Mana Yoga Flow where the spiritual healing power of mana guides our strength as we flow through poses that push us to our highest selves. 

Mana Yoga Flow is a Vinyasa class with attention towards mindful action, presence and breath awareness. This combination creates a meditation in motion. The flow is set to accelerate heart rate, push your balance, increase flexibility, and maximize muscle integrity. Get lost in Sally’s powerful words and cues, her playlists, and connect to your highest self through this meditation in motion.

Mana Yoga Sculpt

This style combines Mana Yoga Flow with weightlifting. The added weights build bone density, muscle mass, and boosts metabolism, while still getting all the benefits of yoga. You will see noticeable results, and leave feelingstrong, grounded, and refreshed.  Mana Yoga Sculpt is the perfect balance between yoga and weightlifting.  Join Sally and experience her infectious energy, smile, fun playlists and passion for yoga.  (Practiced in an infared heated studio 88-92 degrees)